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        ABOUT US
        Rich experience in stage lighting
        Representative cases used in the past
        The 80th anniversary celebration of Jiangxi Normal University, Guangdong finals of the voice of China

        Symphonic music evening for the 89th anniversary of the founding of the Central Soviet Union, the charity party of the sixth ancestor of Yunfu, the music dinner bar of Shenzhen Houyuan star entertainment, the liv house bar in Sichuan

        "Jiangxi Nanfeng tangerine" Cultural Tourism Festival, 500 "Jiangxi Ji'an lighting and sound celebration annual meeting"

        "Arena" bar in Malaysia, "Yiwu Cultural Center" in Zhejiang, "Longyou middle school" in Zhejiang Province, "Happy Harbor theme banquet hall" in Zhaoxian County, Hebei Province

        Chongqing Liangjiang xixixihuithemed Hotel, Chongqing qiaobayu Beida Hotel, Chongqing

        Hebei Xibaipo Shengdu Hotel multifunctional hall, Hebei Xinle dahongmen theme banquet hall, etc.

        Keep improving
        Do good quality price service good stage lighting manufacturers
        To be a stage lighting manufacturer with high quality,high price and good service
        International standard certification
        Follow the procedure of ISO9001 quality management system Construction and installation, Let each product do its best to release light.
        Release the light effect
        In order to achieve good lighting, To achieve true pure lighting, Each part of the material is strictly required.
        Design scheme
        Professional engineering design team design, The whole process plan Select suitable lighting according to location.
        Door-to-door survey
        Engineer visits, Communicate positioning and give professional advice And scheme.


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        華北地區陳經理:13711193652 (北京,天津,河北,山西,內蒙古)
        華東地區唐經理:18680464038 (江蘇,上海,浙江,福建)
        華中地區徐經理:18122789202 (河南,湖北,湖南)
        華南地區劉經理:19124624271 (廣東,廣西,云南,海南)
        西北地區王經理:17520084244 (陜西,甘肅,寧夏,青海,新疆)
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